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Meet Wendy!

Meet Wendy! Our June Fusion Fitness Rockstar! When we asked Wendy what inspires her to workout and what she loves most about Studio Fusion this is what she had to say:

My name is Wendy and I turn 52 on the 29th of this month!! Whoo Hoo!

How many times a week do you workout: I work out 3 to 4 days a week at Studio fusion, mainly because I am obsessed with barre.

What Inspires you to workout: I love Janine Howell, she is not only an amazing instructor but an inspiration to me.

What Motivates you to keep coming back to Studio Fusion: I believe that even in the toughest of times, working out is necessary. It helps relieve stress and having a strong body and mind is important. Plus coming to class and seeing/ meeting your barre friends is a plus too.

What Motivates you to keep coming back to Studio Fusion: Ha - My friend, Andrea motivates me. We've been working out together for literally 23 years now. I met her at a Jazzercise class back in the early 90's and we became fast friends. (Yes - with thong leotards, tights and legwarmers.) From then on, when I wouldn't show up - my phone would ring - and she would get me back to class. I have been following Andrea to class every week for over two decades. I'm proud of both of us for that!

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Starting out on their fitness Journey: Through the ups and the downs that life throws your way, studio fusion barre is my happy place.

~ Thank you for sharing your fitness story Wendy! We LOVE having you and your positive energy at Studio Fusion!

If you know someone who has a great story of health and fitness that you would like to nominate for our next Member Spotlight, please email us at s.fusion1@yahoo.com!

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